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True False Prophets

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Bill Johnson, Randy Clark and Heidi Baker aren’t false prophets, as some wrongfully claim, but who then are true false prophets? About a month ago I argued in a Youtube video that several charismatic leaders are falsely accused if being false prophets by primarily Christian internet warriors; many of them are even accused of being driven by false, demonic spirit.

A popular theory is that Kundalini spirits from India have infected large parts if the Christian, charismatic movement, but as I showed one month ago this Kundalini myth has neither biblical nor empirical support, and so saying that influential charismatic leaders are Hindus in disguise is quite similar to the claim that the pope and US president are alien lizards in disguise.

I received some feedback on my Kundalini Myth video that I want to address today. My friend Robert Martin wondered if it isn’t so that “weird manifestations” may be the result of demonic activity, even if the person has not any connection to a Kundalini sect. He mentions dog barking and laughter.

My response is that neither behaviour is necessarily caused by false spirits (even if one is certainly weirder than the other) but could be mere human behaviour, moreover I think the Holy Spirit can cause laughter but hardly, if ever, animal sounds.

A passionate subscriber to my YouTube channel called Beforethedawnbreaks asked me to describe what I believe are true false prophets, that is genuinely false prophets as the Bible warns us about, in contrast to these charismatic leaders that are falsely accused of being false.

In the video I briefly tell the story about the Lightbearers in Norway, a false revival led by New Agers that friends of mine worked against and stopped. The Lightbearers claimed to be Christians but shared false prophecies about polygamy and promiscuity, and they had real, documented contacts with new agers and Hindus. Their mission was simply to destroy Christ’s church from within, like wolves in sheep’s clothing, they weren’t just misinformed charismatics but genuine occultists.

Beware of those false prophets, my dear brothers and sisters. Those are what we should watch out for and warn against. Not genuine Christian leaders. Remember that Jesus didn’t warn us against prophets, but false prophets, and not signs and wonders but false signs and wonders. In order to know the good from the bad we must thoroughly know and experience the good. Therefore, passionately seek the gifts if the Holy Spirit and be filled with His presence, experiencing signs and wonders, before judging others.



  1. Tony says:

    What makes these people false prophets?

    • All sorts of things can make people turn to occultism. In the end it is the sinfulness of humans that cause this.

      • Tony says:

        Specifically what have these people done or said that has made them fall prophets? I’ve listened to them and never heard them say anything that would lead me to believe that they were false prophets. When it comes to things like this I try not to judge by what I hear or see because only God knows the human heart.

        • Oh, I thought you meant the Lightbearers! No, my point in my Kundalini Myth video is that Bill Johnson, Randy Clark and Heidi Baker are NOT false prophets, in contrast to Andrew Strom and others who make such claims. This is a follow up where I address the question: if these preachers now aren’t false prophets, then who are truly false prophets?

          I guess I didn’t make that clear enough, so I will change the first sentence if this post. Cause I agree with you – there is nothing to prove that those three are false prophets.


      • Tony says:

        Secondly, have you personally seen and heard the things you now accuse these people of or are you going by what others have seen and heard.

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Micael Grenholm - a Swedish charismactivist residing with the Jesus Army in the UK.

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